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Italian and local cuisine

Italy is famous throughout the world for its cuisine, and especially for its pizza. But apart from pizza there are many other delicious dishes based on vegetables, seafood and pasta! Strong regional traditions are still alive and well in Italy, in both their dialects and the kitchen. This is where you can sample the very best expression of Ligurian cooking! The secret of the special flavor of the local cuisine and the tasty sauces lies in the use of plants and herbs that grow in the Cinque Terre, such as basil, and the olive trees which give us the renowned local olive oil. The Ligurian wines also deserve particular attention: they are simply irresistible!

There is more information on restaurants and prices on the page “Restaurants in the Cinque Terre”.

Main Italian dishes

Photographs of the most famous Italian dishes are published at the bottom of the page.

Italian antipasti

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Among the delicacies of this region of Italy, don’t miss the anchovies marinated in lemon and olive oil, the farinata di ceci (chickpea pie), testaroli and the artichoke pie – a must taste! In the list of the best Italian antipasti, the place of honor goes to the seafood tasting platter, various seafood dishes and the many cured meats (salami, culatello, cured ham, coppa, etc.).

Prices range from 6 to 15 euro.

First courses

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There are many Ligurian culinary delights and it’s worth trying all types of pasta such as the famous carbonara pasta, local tagliatelle, pasta al pesto and many others such as risotto. All kinds of pasta can be matched with fish, mussels, and mushrooms and so on, with different sauces and other tasty additions. Try the local soups as well, such as the Mesciua, a soup of wheat and legumes, or the vegetable soup, minestrone.

The price range is 6-20 euro.


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For tourists, the most exotic main courses are certainly the meat and fish dishes, especially those based on the local fish such as a mixed grill. Other dishes worth trying are stuffed mussels, stuffed anchovies and sautéed snails.

Prices are from 10-30 euro.


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Try the classic Italian deserts: tiramisu, panna cotta, crema al mascarpone and crème caramel. Among the typical desserts of the Cinque Terre we recommend the cake made with chestnut flour, castagnaccio, and aniseed cookies (biscotti all’anice).

The price range is 4-8 euro.

Servings are large, so if you if you are a small eater it’s best to order an antipasto (appetizer) to share and a first course or a main each. It is not customary to leave a tip in Liguria, but it’s up to you.

The cuisine of the Cinque Terre

In addition to Italian cuisine in general, we suggest you try the dishes which are typical of the Cinque Terre. This area is famous for its pesto, olive oil and the local homemade liquors, among which limoncello rightly holds first place. This lemon liqueur produced in Manarola in particular is much appreciated. Furthermore, when you go to Corniglia, try the local focaccia and farinata. Absolutely the best!

More information on the best known and most popular restaurants can be found on the page “Restaurants in the Cinque Terre”.

More pictures of the dishes

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