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How to spend your time

The first things tourists think about when they’re about to depart for a new destination is how much time will I need, how do I plan the itinerary, what I should see. In other words you think “How do other tourists spend a vacation in the Cinque Terre?”. It actually depends on the tourists’ interests and the type of holiday. Below are the most important features of a vacation in the Cinque Terre; we also offer some information for different categories of tourists. Reading this will help you to better plan your vacation.

How many days are needed to visit the Cinque Terre?

It’s difficult to visit all the villages of the Cinque Terre in one day and walk a few trails. And anyway, why rush? Why not take it easy and enjoy these wonderful places?! It’s worth spending at least two days in the Cinque Terre. In any case, the vacation depends on preferences and there is everything here: pretty villages, trails, the seaside and many cities and places nearby worthy of note. You can stay for weeks in the Cinque Terre! On the page “The dream trip in 2 weeks” you will read about what you can do during a long stay, and you will find descriptions of excursions in Liguria and Tuscany which you can enjoy for a couple of weeks.

Examples of vacations for different types of tourists

There are several examples of a holiday in the Cinque Terre on this site for different categories of tourists and a series of suggestions on how to spend your time while in the Cinque Terre.

People with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility on the beach

The Cinque Terre National Park is equipped for people with reduced mobility and you will find more information on the page “People with reduced mobility”.

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