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What to do in the Cinque Terre when it’s raining

Whenever we take a vacation (especially out of season), we hope that bad weather will not ruin our trip. But often, at least for one day, we can experience some unexpected rain. There can always be a little passing rain in the Cinque Terre, mainly in spring and fall. But most tourists, even in bad weather, put on their raincoats and move around by train so as not to lose precious time.

Is it possible to walk the trails of the Cinque Terre in the rain or immediately after rain?

It is forbidden to walk the trails of the Cinque Terre when it’s raining. The Sentiero Azzurro (Blue trail) is particularly vulnerable and subject to landslides. We advise you against going to this and the other trails in the Cinque Terre when it’s wet, not only because of the fragile terrain, but also because fog descends on the hills and it would be a shame to miss the wonderful panoramas of the Cinque Terre which attract so many visitors.

If the rain isn’t heavy, the tourist paths will already be open the next day. The longer trails (that cross the hilltops) dry faster and are almost always accessible, even if some of them can be slippery and difficult to walk. So it’s a good idea to pick up the information on all the trails which you will find in every train station.

Even if it’s raining, remember that the Cinque Terre is still Italy, famous for its cuisine. One of the preferred activities for tourists when waiting for the good weather to return is to spend time in the good restaurants of the Cinque Terre, tasting the local food.

Visiting the towns near the Cinque Terre

Piazza dei Miracoli seen from the Leaning Tower in the rain, Pisa, Italy
Piazza dei Miracoli seen from the Leaning Tower in the rain

If the Cinque Terre is experiencing torrential rains, check the weather forecast for the Italian cities nearby which can be reached in just a few hours and weigh up the possibility of spending the day in one of them. In this section you will find information on the more renowned neighboring towns and cities. Visiting cities like Genoa, Pisa and Florence in bad weather does not pose a problem, as it does in the coastal villages of the Cinque Terre where you spend your vacation mainly outdoors, or lying on the beach and admiring the landscapes which are especially fascinating in fine weather.

Genoa in the rain

Genoa is perhaps the best city to visit in rainy weather. You can shelter from showers in Genoa by spending most of the day in the amusement park at the Old Port which offers numerous attractions, museums, excursions, etc. More information on this city is found on the page “Genoa”.

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