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Nightlife in the Cinque Terre

There are no nightclubs in the small villages of the Cinque Terre. Monterosso is the only place where will you find a few bars open until late and sometimes tourists gather in Vernazza in the evenings during spring and summer (especially at the weekend). Even if there is no real nightlife in the Cinque Terre villages, there is a lot happening in the evening in the larger towns of Liguria. Thus, people who like evening entertainment can stay in these towns near the Cinque Terre or make a trip there to spend the evening.

Nightlife in La Spezia

View at evening from the road to Riomaggiore, La Spezia, Italy

The closest city to the Cinque Terre is the port city of La Spezia where there are some discos and lots of bars, so you’ll never be bored in the evening here. It only takes 8 minutes by train to reach La Spezia. There is more information on the page “La Spezia” where there the city center is also marked.

Nightlife in Sestri Levante

As well as the wonderful bays here, there are also many restaurants, bars and discos here, so in the evening tourists head to the waterfront or the town center of Sestri Levante, the fulcrum of nightlife. This town is within easy reach of the Cinque Terre, and from Sestri Levante you can also visit Portofino, in the direction of Genoa. Prices are much lower in Sestri Levante when compared to the Cinque Terre (see prices).

Discos near Cinque Terre

The Riviera Ligure cannot be compared with the Adriatic coast (on the other side of Italy) where there are discos by the dozen; here, instead, you are in a corner of nature’s paradise, and there is not much demand for night clubs.

But disco fans can always find one. The two most famous night clubs are located in La Spezia and there is another in Sestri Levante. They are the closest to the Cinque Terre. See more information on their official Facebook pages.

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