Last update: July, 2024.

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Mobile network and Wi-Fi in Italy

Before you go to Italy, check on the cost of global roaming with your provider. If it’s expensive, consider purchasing an Italian SIM card. You can buy one at the airport and in the larger cities, for example in La Spezia (see below).

Wi-Fi in the Cinque Terre

Wi-Fi password on Cinque Terre Card, Italy
Wi-Fi password on Cinque Terre Card

Most of the restaurants of the Cinque Terre offer free internet and the same applies to hotels. When booking your hotel on this site you will see if this service is provided at the hotel you select.

In addition, by purchasing the Cinque Terre Card to walk the Blue Path (Sentiero Azzurro), you can use the wi-fi near the tourist offices located in all railway stations of the Park.

Mobile network and the cost

The best provider for tourists, which offers the best coverage in the Cinque Terre, is Wind. When you buy a SIM for 10 euro, you will receive a bonus of 5 euro. We advise you to activate the option “Call Your Country + Internet” for an extra 2-3 euros (depending on the country) and you’ll get about 50 minutes of free telephone calls to home and unlimited internet. The first 300 MB of traffic will be available at 3G speed (4G in the large cities). With an additional payment you can increase the speed for a greater volume of data on 3G; more info in the shops or on the provider’s site:

Roaming in European countries has been abolished in 2017.

Telephone in modem mode in Italy

If your phone has the "tethering" function, you can connect other devices to your internet account without paying extra!

Where to buy a SIM card in Italy

Wind, mobile operator store, Italy

In all airports and large towns (for example, in La Spezia alone there are more than ten of these outlets), but be careful, there are none in the Cinque Terre! You can see the map of all stores at the link:

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