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Last update: April, 2024.

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All-inclusive ticket in the Cinque Terre

In many tourist cities there are all-inclusive tickets which offer several services and opportunities. The Cinque Terre Card is like this and offers a whole series of money-saving advantages.

What is included in the Cinque Terre Card?

Included in this all-inclusive ticket:

  • Access to the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Trail); you cannot access this trail without buying a ticket (other trails are free);
  • Free bus rides in all the villages of the Cinque Terre. Without the Cinque Terre Card a bus ride costs 1.90 euro or 2.80 euro (if the ticket is purchased on the bus);
  • Wi-fi in the train stations;
  • Free use of public toilets (on all train stations). No-card fee: 1 euro;
  • Discounts in most museums in La Spezia;
  • There are greater possibilities for train travel between Levanto and La Spezia if you buy the Cinque Terre Card with the additional option of the train.

All types of tickets in the Cinque Terre and relevant prices

The Cinque Terre Card with train, Italy

Any type of Cinque Terre Card (with or without trains) can be purchased for 1 or 2-day validity. The one-day ticket is valid on the day of purchase until midnight. The 2-day card is valid until midnight of the following day. The Cinque Terre Card with the train option costs more but allows you to travel between Levanto and La Spezia without any limit on the number of journeys. Just think that the ordinary ticket for a single journey costs 5 euro (regardless of the distance travelled within the territory of the park).

Cost of the different types of Cinque Terre Card

(2024 prices, indicated in euro)

1 day 1 day + Train 2 days 2 days + Train 3 days + Train
Cinque Terre Card (adults) 7.50 18.20 14.50 33 47
Cinque Terre Card (children from 4 to 12 years) 4.50 11.40 7.20 - -
Cinque Terre Card (over 70 years) 6.00 14.80 10 - -
Cinque Terre card for a family (2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years) 19.60 48 31.50 - -
Cinque Terre Card for groups (up to 25 persons) 120 - - - -

Free for children up to 4 years.
Important: If you’re staying in a hotel in the Cinque Terre, you will receive a discount voucher for the Cinque Terre Card upon arrival at the hotel. By presenting this voucher at a tourist office, you can buy an ordinary Card with a discount of 30%, while the one which includes the train has a 15% discount.

The all-inclusive tickets that included travel by boat which were available in the past, no longer exist. So if you think you will be doing some trips by boat you will need to buy a separate ticket.
Up until the summer of 2016 you could buy economical weekly tickets for the train, but these are now available to residents only.

Where to buy the Cinque Terre Card

The tourist office at the station, Levanto, Italy
The tourist office at the station

This card is sold at all the tourist offices located in the stations of the five villages, as well as at the Levanto and La Spezia train stations. The Cinque Terre Card is also available at the entrance to all four sections of the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Trail). If you arrive early in the morning and the tourist office is still closed, you can buy your ticket from the cashier at the station.

From 2017 the ticket can be purchased online on this site. But if you book a hotel in Cinque Terre don’t rush to buy it because you will be given a voucher when you check in at the hotel with a special discount up to 30%.

If you are here out of season, for example during the period from November to the beginning of March (public holidays excluded) and you’re thinking of walking the Blue Trail, don’t worry about buying the ticket when you arrive at the station. Tickets are checked only at the entrance to the trail and there are no further checks along the trail. It is very likely that there will be no-one checking the tickets at the entrance to the trail so you can walk it for free. This information is not to be regarded as official!

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