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Tourist offices in the Cinque Terre

Upon arrival in the Cinque Terre the first thing you need to do if arriving for the first time, is visit a tourist office. It is one of the most important stops of your vacation and will allow you to make the best of your stay in the Cinque Terre.

Why do tourists go to the tourist offices of the Cinque Terre?

The tourist information offices of the Cinque Terre are set up to provide visitors with all the information they need. These offices offer tourists:

1. A free map of Cinque Terre trails with current information on all routes. If the weather has not been good the day before, the clerk at the tourist office marks the best trails to visit and explains the reasons;

2. A free timetable for trains in the Cinque Terre.

In addition you can buy local souvenirs and the Cinque Terre Card at all tourist offices in the Cinque Terre.

In the winter months, except on public holidays, tickets are not inspected on the walking trails (November - beginning of March). So if you are here on vacation in winter, don’t rush to buy tickets at the office in the station; just go to the trail and very probably there won’t be anyone selling (and checking) tickets at the entrance.

Where to find tourist information offices

The tourist office at the station, La Spezia, Italy

The tourist offices in the Cinque Terre are conveniently located at the railway stations of all five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, as well the stations of Levanto and La Spezia. They are all marked on the map.

The network of tourist offices in the Cinque Terre is in continual expansion. In fact at the end of 2015 the cruise ship port of La Spezia “won” its tourist office. Now you can purchase the Cinque Terre Card near your cruise ship, get all the necessary information and take the free shuttle to the La Spezia railway station.

The tourist offices are usually open from 8-9 am till 7-8 pm depending on the season. Precise opening hours are not indicated on the doors of the offices, but if it happens to be closed you can buy the ticket to the Cinque Terre at the railway station where the offices open a lot earlier.

Map of tourist offices in the Cinque Terre

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