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Last update: June, 2024.

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Lucca can be described as a unique place that has preserved its ancient soul almost intact. This beautiful city is often ignored by tourists, but it’s a sin! The monuments of Lucca will leave you flabbergasted!

From here to Pisa it’s only half an hour by train (3.60 euro) which runs every 30 minutes, or by car. You can park your car in Lucca near the historical center. The best known parking areas are marked on the map. The most recommended tourist route from the most convenient parking is indicated in green on the map. Address for the navigator: Viale Giosuè Carducci, 343, Lucca. Price: 5 euro per day.

View of the Cathedral from the Clock Tower, Lucca, Italy

Places of interest in Lucca

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Piazza Napoleone

Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy

In this elegant square you will find the Palazzo Ducale, designed by the architect Bartolomeo Ammanati. It was the home of Napoleon’s sister Elisa Bonaparte and now houses the ancient library of Lucca and the art gallery (Pinacoteca).

View from the Church bell tower to the Cathedral of Lucca, Italy

The complex is made up of the Cathedral of San Martino, its museum and the church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata.

The Cathedral of San Martino is the best expression of Pisan-Lucchese architecture. It is adorned with wonderful statues, bas-relief and sculpted columns, and represents two different styles: Romanesque for the exterior, and interiors in the Gothic style. A part of the altar and the sacristy houses the cathedral Museum. San Martino is closed to the public on Sunday from 10 am to 11.30 am for the celebration of Holy Mass.

In the church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata the ancient mosaic floors and the remains of a medieval church are preserved. Adjacent to the facade of the church stands the bell tower built in Lucca in the XIII century. It is not difficult to reach the top; you climb just 119 steps to enjoy the wonderful view to the Cathedral of San Martino and the whole of Lucca.

Entrance to the Cathedral: 3 euro, the Museum: 4 euro, the church with bell tower: 4 euro. We suggest you buy a multi-ticket for all three for 9 euro!


The walls of Lucca

The fortified walls of Lucca, Italy

The walls around Lucca are over 4 km in length and are fully preserved, even though they were built in the XV century. These days it is the most popular place to go for a walk. It is surrounded by trees and is no longer a defensive structure. There is a wonderful panorama over the city of Lucca from these walls.


The Botanical Garden

This garden has existed in Lucca since 1820. If you love beauty, you will be delighted when you see the collection of plants, the pond with flowering water lilies and the huge taxodium tree. Entry: 4 euro.

To save some money, it is better to buy the multi-ticket to visit the Botanical Garden, the Guinigi Tower and the bell tower for 9 euro. Separate entry costs about 4 euro per building.


National Museum of Villa Guinigi

National Museum of Villa Guinigi, Lucca, Italy

In the collection of the Guinigi museum, the masterpieces of paintings from various ages are displayed, but they are mostly paintings of a religious theme. It is also worth seeing the ancient Roman and Etruscan artifacts and medical instruments.


The church of Santa Maria Forisportam

Church of Santa Maria Forisportam, Lucca, Italy

Built in the XIII century on the plan of the Cathedral of Pisa, the church has a wonderful marble facade.

Guinigi Tower, Lucca, Italy

A very special tower with 230 steps; from the roof, besides admiring the oak trees that grow here in Lucca, you can let yourself be carried away by the view over the town. Entry to the Guinigi Tower costs 4 euro, but we recommend you buy the multi-ticket (as previously indicated).

Amphitheatre Square, Lucca, Italy

This square, the pivotal point of commerce in Lucca, is situated in a unique place, the ancient Roman amphitheater where gladiator fights once took place. The blocks of marble that make up the walls of the square have now been “reinvented” in houses, but the oval shape of the amphitheater and the arched passageways for the gladiators have been preserved.


The Basilica of San Frediano

Basilica of San Frediano, Lucca, Italy

The church is an expression of Romanesque architecture and the facade is decorated with a colorful mosaic “The Ascension of Christ”.

Garden of Palazzo Pfanner, Lucca, Italy

Palazzo Pfanner and its garden with lawns, numerous statues and fountain, were built during the XVII century. The collection of medical instruments left by Peter Pfanner, once the owner and a famous surgeon, are on display inside the palace.

The Clock Tower, Lucca, Italy

This is a medieval building where the facade is decorated with a manually wound clock, one the most interesting clocks in Europe. The top of the Clock Tower can be reached by climbing 207 narrow wooden steps. To reward you, some of the most beautiful landscapes over Lucca and its surroundings can be seen from here. Entry: 4 euro, but we recommend that you buy the multi-ticket (as previously indicated).

The church of San Michele in Foro, Lucca, Italy

In Piazza San Michele we find Lucca’s real gem: the homonymous church built between the XI and the XII century in the Pisan Romanesque style of architecture. The facade of the Church of San Michele has been decorated with marble columns, while at the top stands the statue of the Archangel Michael.

Map of the places to visit in Lucca

Recommended hotels in Lucca

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More photos of Lucca

Piazza Antelminelli and the Bell Tower of the Church of Saint Giovanni, Lucca, Italy
Piazza Antelminelli and the Bell Tower of the Church of Saint Giovanni
Statue in the garden of Palazzo Pfanner, Lucca, Italy
Statue in the garden of Palazzo Pfanner
Garden of Palazzo Pfanner, Lucca, Italy
Garden of Palazzo Pfanner
Palazzo Pfanner, Lucca, Italy
Palazzo Pfanner
Inside Palazzo Pfanner, Lucca, Italy
Inside Palazzo Pfanner
Inside the Cathedral, Lucca, Italy
Inside the Cathedral
Inside the Church of San Michele in Foro, Lucca, Italy
Inside the Church of San Michele in Foro

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