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What to do with children in the Cinque Terre

If you have small children it is better to stay in Monterosso al Mare, the only village with sandy beaches, and there are very few steps and climbs here. Monterosso extends along the seaside, where it is pleasant to stroll in the evening. The best known hotel is the Hotel Baia in the new part of the village, in Fegina. It’s just a few minutes’ walk to the beach from here and there are unrivalled views from the windows of this hotel.

Children's playground on the hill near the waterfront, Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
Children's playground on the hill near the waterfront

To visit the Cinque Terre villages it’s best to use the train, visiting one or two villages each day. We recommend a visit to Manarola: there is a very long coast here and if you walk 100 meters in the direction of Corniglia you can reach the children’s playground. The view is wonderful. In fact, it’s the panorama of Manarola that is immortalized in the photographs of the Park.

The best beach for a vacation with children

Monterosso has the only sand beach in the Cinque Terre. It is very clean and safe, and perhaps this is the reason it is frequented by so many children! This beach is marked on the page “The main beaches” on the map. It is the most popular with families with children. Tourists without children prefer other beaches of the Cinque Terre which are more tranquil.

The easiest walking trails for families with children

Father with his young son at the train station in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy
Father with his young son at the train station in Vernazza

Families with children who are visiting the Cinque Terre usually spend their time in the area of Monterosso at the beach. But Cinque Terre is famous for its trails, so you should walk at least one! The easiest trail of all is the ‘Sentiero dell’Amore” (the Path of Love) that connects Riomaggiore to Manarola. This trail is suitable for everyone! But as well as this particular stretch, the entire Sentiero Azzurro (Blue trail) is ideal for families with children. It is comprised of the four easiest walking trails in the Cinque Terre Park; to access them you must buy the Cinque Terre Card which costs less for families!

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