Last update: April, 2024.

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Beaches not far from Cinque Terre

There are beaches in virtually every village in Liguria. And the rail network that connects the whole coastline simplifies movements between the various locations. You will find bars and sunbeds and umbrellas for rent at almost all beaches. Average prices in 2024 are: sunbed 20 euro/day (15 euro for a half day), two beds + beach umbrella 25-30 euro/day (15-25 euro for a half day).

Below you will find the five main beaches outside the Cinque Terre which are the most frequented. They are all marked on the map (for more information on a beach vacation in the Cinque Terre consult the pages “Main beaches of the Cinque Terre”, “Small beaches in the Cinque Terre”).

Beaches in Levanto

Beach, Levanto, Italy

The large beach in Levanto is the closest to the Cinque Terre and from Monterosso it takes only 4 minutes by train to get there. It’s a pebble beach, but the stones are very small and tourists are happy to sunbathe here.

The beach in Bonassola

The seafront and the beach, Bonassola, Italy

This village is immediately after Levanto, outside the Cinque Terre. And you can even walk to Bonassola. More information on the page “Walking trails”.

The beach at Sestri Levante

Bay of Silence, Sestri Levante, Italy

For tourists on a budget, this is where we recommend staying: prices are lower (see an example) and the town is located not far from the Cinque Terre, Portofino and even Genoa, all places you can reach quite quickly. In addition, there is a very picturesque gulf and sand beach in Sestri Levante!

The beach in Camogli

The seafront and the beach, Camogli, Italy

Tourists often take a rest on the beach in Camogli after taking a picturesque stroll to Portofino, as described on the page relative to that village. Camogli runs along the coast with a large gravel beach.

The beach in Moneglia

Seaside promenade and the beach, Moneglia, Italy

This beach is rather similar to the one in Monterosso: a large sandy beach with a gentle descent into the sea. There is also an artificial barrier of rocks protecting it from the waves and visitors can sunbathe here while enjoying the view to the nearby fortress of Monleone.

Map of the best beaches in Liguria near the Cinque Terre

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