Last update: April, 2024.

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The main beaches in the Cinque Terre

Monterosso boasts the largest beach of the Cinque Terre. Furthermore, it is the only beach in the Cinque Terre with sand.

The other smaller beaches of the Cinque Terre are gravel or pebbles. But often these natural landscapes are much more attractive than the ones most frequented by tourists. More information on other beaches on the page “Small beaches in the Cinque Terre”; and for beaches outside the Cinque Terre please refer to the page “Beaches not far from the Cinque Terre”.

Monterosso beach

The largest beach in the Cinque Terre: Fegina, Monterosso al Mare, Italy

This beach is marked on the map. It is divided into sections where some parts are equipped with amenities like deck chairs and sun umbrellas and others are not equipped and are free (more info below).

In 2024 a sunbed costs an average of 20 euro/day (15 euro for a half day), two sunbeds + beach umbrella 25-30 euro/day (15-25 euro for a half day). Prices increase in August and are lower at the beginning and end of the season; it’s a question of demand.

Free beaches in Monterosso al Mare

Free public beach near the statue of Neptune, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy

On the map of Monterosso the free beaches are indicated in green and as you can see, there is a beach right across from the station. There are no services on the free beaches and it will be necessary to buy something at a bar or pay about one euro to use the toilets there. Another option is to use the free toilets at the Monterosso train station.

The best beach in Monterosso for children

A popular beach for families with kids, Cinque Terre, Italy

The best beach for children in Monterosso is marked in red on the map. Thanks to the pebbles that run right into the sea, it is protected from the waves. And unlike other places in the Cinque Terre where the water is already up to your head 10 meters from the shore, this beach slopes gently into the water.

Map of the beaches of Monterosso

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