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Gavano nudist beach

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The quiet and charming Guvano beach is a popular place with nudists worldwide for a seaside vacation. But even if you are not of the nudist persuasion and you’ve become tired of the other large or small beaches of the Cinque Terre, you can always visit the beach of Guvano. It is not obligatory to take the sun in your birthday suit. The most important thing is to behave in a civilized manner and not pay any particular attention to others.

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The original characteristic of this beach has not been ruined by construction, so at Guvano there is no bar, restrooms or other paid amenities. But that is precisely what makes this beach in its wild state so appealing! It is set in a rocky gorge between Vernazza and Corniglia and the only route to get here will be unforgettable. You will read why further on.

How to reach the beach of Guvano

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As you exit the station of Corniglia, turn left and follow the road for about 300 meters. You will find a long stairway in front of you going up toward Corniglia, but you will have to descend toward the tunnel which is about 1.5 km long (the tunnel and road are marked on the map).

ou will have to walk through this tunnel for about 15 minutes. Would you be afraid of a walk like this? If you have a fear of closed dark places, then the answer is yes. But in the tourist season when the train arrives here, there is always a group of tourists going to the beach of Guvano, so you can join them and you won’t have anything to fear!

Another way to reach the beach is to rent a boat, but that is not very easy. The pedestrian path that connects the Blue trail with the beach of Guvano (marked in yellow on the map), has become very dangerous following its collapse in 2012. Even though the beach can be reached along this footpath, we strongly advise you not to do so! At the moment (in 2017) it is in a very bad state and no works of restoration are foreseen for now!

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Warning! The tunnel has been closed in 2016. The only way to reach the beach of Guvano now is by taking the above-mentioned trail that is in a very bad state and is dangerous (it is marked on the map). We recommend that you avoid visiting this beach. Information updated in June, 2017.

Map of the beach of Guvano and how to get to it

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